JKBOSE New Model Paper of 11th Class Physics



 जम्मू और कश्मीर स्कूल शिक्षा बोर्ड

          New Model Paper of 11th Class Physics

          For 2022-2023 Exams with new pattern

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Class : 11th


TIME :3 Hrs

A. Very Short Answer Type Questions (1×5)

1. If X=5t² Calculate velocity.

Given, x = 5t²
v = dx/dt
v = d(5t²)/dt
v = 10t

2. Draw X-t graph for free fall.

Free fall

3. Define the term phase.

In Physics, the phase is defined as the position of a point in time on a cycle of a waveform. A complete cycle that is 360 degrees is defined as the phase.The phase is expressed in terms of radians. One radian of phase is 57.3 degrees approximately.

4. If Y=4 Sin (5t). Give values of amplitude & angular velocity.

Amplitude= 4, angular velocity=5
In linear SHM,
y=A sin (wt), where A=amplitude and w= angular velocity
in given equation, y = 4sin(5t)
hence, Amplitude =4 and angular velocity =5

5. What is dimensional formula for specific heat?

The specific heat s is the amount of heat Q per unit mass m required to raise the temperature θ by one degree Celsius.
Specific heat

6. Define following units.

I) Light Year II) Par-Sec.

Light Year: the distance that light travels in one year, about 9.4607×1012 kilometres
प्रकाश वर्ष; एक वर्ष में प्रकाश द्वारा तय की जाने वाली दूरी जो लगभग 9.4607×1012 किलोमीटर होती हैl
Par-sec: The parsec is a unit of length used to measure the large distances to astronomical objects outside the Solar System. One parsec is approximately equal to 31 trillion kilometres or about 3.26 light-years. One parsec is the distance to an object whose parallax angle is one arcsecond.


     Define terms

I) Absolute error II) Relative error.


  • The actual error from the true value is called the absolute error.
  • The relative error is the absolute error divided by total quantity. In the case

Of volume, Δv/v

  • The percentage error is the relative error multiplied by 100.

7. Derive V=u+at by calculas method.

Equation of motion

8. Steel is more elastic than rubber. Explain.

 A body is said to be more elastic if it returns to its original configuration faster than others.
 Elasticity of a material can be defined as the ability of a material to regain its original shape after an external force is applied on it. The ratio of stress applied on a body to the strain produced in it is defined as the Young’s modulus of that material.
 Now, when we apply equal amounts of stress on steel and rubber having the same cross-sectional area, we notice that compared to steel, rubber gets stretched. The strain produced in rubber is much larger compared to that in steel. This means that steel has a larger value of Young’s modulus of elasticity and hence, steel has more elasticity than rubber.

9. What is First law of thermodynamics? Explain sign convention also.

10. What is radius of gyration? Give an expression for it.

B. Short Answer Type Questions (3×12)

11. Derive an expression for angle of banking on a curved road with certain co-

efficient of friction.


What are laws of friction?

12. Differentiate xn   by ab-initio method.

13. Derive an expression for the time period of simple pendulum using dimensional analysis.

14. What is impulse momentum theorem?

15. What is co-efficient of restitution? How it explains elastic and inelastic collision?

16. Show that total mechanical energy remains constant when a body is dropped from some height.

17. What is kinetic interpretation of temperature? Derive Kinetic energy in terms of temperature.

18. Calculate degrees of freedom for:

a) Monatomic b)Di atomic gas

19. Differentiate longitudinal & transverse waves with example.

20. Derive expression for escape velocity.

(Use law of conservation of energy)

21. Calculate the change in the value of acceleration due to gravity when a body is taken from surface to height “h”.

22. What is Isochoric and isobaric process?

Write 1st law of thermodynamic equation for all these processes.

C. Value –Based Questions (1×4)

23. If m1 and m2 are the masses constituting the rigid body, bound by some

internal forces so that the distance between the masses remain constant then

I) Define centre of mass.

II) Derive expression for position vector of centre of mass.

 D. Long-Answer Type (3×5)

24. Derive the expression for path/trajectory time of flight (T) and horizontal

range(R) when a body is projected from a certain height in the direction of



What is centripetal acceleration? Derive expression for it?

25. Discuss S.H.M as a special case of circular motion and derive the

expression for displacement and velocity of a body executing S.H.M


Derive the expression for the displacement of a transverse progressive


26. Discuss and derive Bernoulli’s equation.


What are the modes of heat transfer? Discuss

I) Conduction II) Convection & Radiation



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